ponedeljek, 18. januar 2021

Ne morem zaspati!/I can't fall asleep.

Vinjeta za črtico, ki bo v februarskem Cicibanu./A vignette for a short story in February's Ciciban (children magazine).

nedelja, 20. december 2020

Dragi moji, želim nam svetlobe, korajže, medsebojnega razumevanja in strpnosti ne glede na to, kaj bo prineslo leto 2021.
Dear all, I wish for all of us peace, love, and joy this Christmas and throughout 2021.

sreda, 02. december 2020

sobota, 21. november 2020

Just one quick update.

 My blog and FB are the main venues I share the most about my work. Despite the situation we are facing, this year is extremely creative for me. Ideas and stories want to come to life. And I'm enjoying the process so much. It's magic. 

As I look at this year, I see that it has been full of everything. Full of nice things and full of challenges, as well. In both my personal and in my professional life. 

One that makes my heart sing is that my wordless picture book (Kje si?, Miš Publishing) appears to find readers outside of my country too (in German, Arabic and English spoken countries). And perhaps one or two other countries will be added to the list. I'm crossing my fingers.

And in September, the organizing committee of BIBF Ananas International Illustration Exhibition informed me that my submitted work Where Are You? (Kje si?, Miš Publishing) has been qualified for the final competition of BIBF Ananas Illustration Awards! That's a big encouragement.

What a wonder, 
this life, isn't it? 

četrtek, 05. november 2020

sreda, 09. september 2020

Work in progress - Front and back cover of my book for Chronicle Books Publishing (originally published by Miš Publishing).

Note: The title One Small Kindness has changed. I'll reveal it in a new post with an updated version.

torek, 18. avgust 2020

Za slikanico Mišja abeceda.

Napisala Tatjana Pregl Kobe, izdala bo Miš založba.

Kosmatice, pesmice za otroke./Kosmatice, poems for children.

Kosmatice, napisal pesnik Milan Šelj, izšle pri založbi Zala./Kosmatice, composed by the poet Milan Šelj, published by Zala Publishing.

petek, 29. maj 2020

Pravljične poti.

Za založbo Sidarta.

sreda, 29. april 2020


Za Cicido, maj./For Cicido, children's magazine, May.